Comfort, style and sustainability. Three important building blocks that, during a hot summer day, shaped the origin of Södebjörk. We are a Swedish company that creates wooden watches of a minimalist design and high quality. We also work every day to apply our skills and knowledge in sustainable ways that benefit all of us humans, our society and our planet. All in order to build a better future for the generations ahead of us.


Our mission

During the development of Södebjörk, two important missions appeared:

  • To influence society to work for social sustainability that is characterised by well-being, justice and equality for all individuals.
  • To inspire each individual to take quality time and appreciate things that we often take for granted.


Our environmental vision

Södebjörk was founded with the vision that future generations should be able to grow up on a healthy planet symbolized by each Södebjörk watch, an essential accessory for every fashion-conscious person. 
However we shouldn’t compromise between quality and environmental sustainability. 
We manufacture watches using the most natural woods. Find out more how we make a difference by crafting wood watches and by shipping green.  

We at Södebjörk plan to donate to local organisations to support the sustainability of the environment. This is done by giving back to nature by financing the growth of a tree through our partner WeForest for each product purchased in our store.
Find out more about the tree project we are supporting in Zambia.


Our core values

We at Södebjörk stand for social and environmental sustainability. We constantly work to have the environment in focus and stand for well-being, justice and an equal society.
We constantly look for new ways to challenge ourselves and improve in everything we do, and we only work with partners and suppliers who share our values.