Zambia tree project


Project summary

In Zambia's Copperbelt region, native Miombo woodlands have been disappearing for many decades. WeForest is engaging with and training hundreds of small-scale farmers to restore these forests on their farms. In doing so, the farmers benefit from diversified jobs, higher incomes and new skills! Besides, via the project's holistic approach that integrates livelihood development with ecological restoration, farmers receive help in obtaining ownership of land.


Approx. 300,000 ha of forest continues to be destroyed annually in Zambia. Charcoal production and agriculture are the main sources of income for local communities, yet both are unsustainable due to degrading soils and have caused extensive deforestation and environmental degradation. In the Luanshya district, large numbers of people turned to small-scale agriculture and charcoal production to make a living following the collapse of the mining industry in the 1990s leading to deforestation.

Follow Léa Camilleri on her trip to our reforestation project in Zambia and see how WeForest works to empower farmers and make them part of the solution to Zambia's deforested landscapes. 


Södebjörk supports Environmental sustainability by giving back to nature by funding the growth of a tree for every product purchased in collaboration with WeForest.



See below a video explaning the Zambia reforestation project.