Why wear wooden watches?

The interest in wooden watches has steadily increased all over the world in the past decades: a constant trend that is here to last, at last!   So why wear wooden watches?


Simply because it’s the natural choice

In most traditional watches the cases and straps are either made of metal or plastic. To manufacture steel or plastic, mines, factories and oil are used, which all have a heavy impact on the environment with a huge percentage of waste and pollution.

Wood is a natural and renewable material and therefore has less impact on the environment. However, deforestation is also an issue, one we at Södebjörk care deeply about. Therefore we have committed to fund the growth of a tree for every watch purchased in collaboration with our partner WeForest. Find out about the Tree project we are supporting in Zambia. This enables us to use wooden boxes for packing instead of plastic, with a good conscience.



The light weight of the wood watch puts less pressure on your arm. Being natural, wood also allows your skin to breath and it does not get hot or sweaty on a hot summer's day, nor does it feel cold in the winter. For sensitive skin it is less inclined to cause skin reactions such as rashes or irritation. Good for you, good for the planet. 

Rare, Unique and Fashionable

How many do you know with a wooden watch? Right! This is your chance to wear something unique, exceptional and original that adds a touch of elegance and finesse to your wardrobe. Get used to catching attention and hear "Oh what a stylish watch! Is it really made of wood?! Amazing!"

Not two watches are, nor can they be, identical. Each watch has an unique wood grain formed by nature over the lifetime of the tree. It is, therefore, impossible for two watches to appear exactly identical, even if they are cut from the same tree. So you can be sure that your watch is as unique as you are. 

Having a wooden watch on your wrist makes you distinguished in an elegant and positive way. Whether your favorite look is formal or casual, the natural colours and textures of your wooden watch provides the right finish and can enrich any outfit for any situation. We let you choose the colour of the case, the dial and the strap to match your personality, you can even add different straps for different occasions.

Regular use of a wooden watch also helps you stay in touch with a part of nature in a very simple way. In addition, it will attract other people to the beauty of nature.